The CTE Consortium is committed to eliminating gaps in opportunities and barriers to access which are highly predictable by students’ race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic status, and geographic location. We share the goal of improving outcomes for each and every student. Read our equity stance

What is CTE?

Lane County’s Career and Technical Education  (CTE) programs engage Lane County students in high-quality, rigorous, and relevant classes, designed to help students to turn their passions into paychecks and their dreams into careers. CTE programs partner with local businesses, industry, and Lane Community College to provide a continuum of instruction and create opportunities that promote creativity, innovation, and leadership. These programs are relevant to the job markets of today. With experiences in and out of the classroom, students in CTE play a vital role in developing a well-educated workforce that supports innovation and productivity that have a positive impact on student academic achievement, graduation rates, earnings and employment outcomes. A variety of industry-approved credentials are offered to students in CTE, including educational certificates, degrees, certifications, and government-issued licenses.