Industry Partners

Students tour Attic Media in Eugene

A fundamental goal of CTE is developing partnerships with business and industry to design programs founded in the standards students must meet to compete in the job market— and guidance on what must be included in CTE instruction in order to be successful on the job. Lane CTE invites the engagement and involvement of employers from across Lane County. We understand that business and industry is the ultimate “customer” for CTE graduates. 

One of the most common characteristics associated with quality programs in CTE is the strong relationships they have with their business partners. Local advisory committees are, in many cases, the most effective way to develop and strengthen such partnerships. 

Thank you for your consideration to participate! To get involved, please contact Shareen Vogel.

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Through advisory committees, internships, teacher externships, workplace experiences and other collaboration, employers have the opportunity to share information regarding expectations, technical requirements and workplace behavior. Lane CTE, in conjunction with Lane Community College, Connected Lane County (CLC) and local business and industry, has developed Regional Advisory Committees by career area. CLC coordinates internships, work-based learning, apprenticeships and other experiences for students, educators, and industry professionals, bringing students, educators and potential employers together. Our business and industry partnerships are essential to preparing Lane students for success in the real world. 

Thank you for your consideration to participate! To get involved, please contact Shareen Vogel.

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